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700 Series

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Brand: Esse
Product Code: woodburning stoves 700
Availability: In Stock

The 700 is the latest stove to be born at our foundry and is the flagship model in our new look range. It may be our latest stove but it firmly upholds the virtues and qualities of ESSEs, dating back over a century and a half. Every line and curve has been designed to exude an air of simple elegance, that will sit comfortably with a wide range of interior styles and hearth environments. The gently arching double doors provide a spectacular and virtually unrestricted view of the flames. Suitable for larger dwellings requiring higher outputs, the 700 multi-fuel features Afterburn™, our precision secondary air control system. Providing outstanding control of the burn, stunning flame patterns and an efficient combustion of the fuel. 700-27B boiler stove The boiler stove version of the 700 provides a carbon neutral heating option, offering a total output of 60000btu/h (17kW), delivering 27300 btu/h (8kW) to water heating and 30700 btu/h (9kW) to direct space heating. For larger central heating requirements we recommend integrating the 700-27B with our Woodfired range cooker, the W23, which offers a further 23000 btu/h of water heating capability. It will also generate between 1 & 2.5kW radiant heat to the kitchen and of course provide outstanding wood-fired cooking. Visit our website for more details about the wood-fired range cooker. Integrated wood-fired systems The 700-27B boiler stove can be integrated with the wood-fired ESSE range cooker which also has an integral boiler to power larger central heating systems. It can take logs up to 45cm in length, which keeps refuelling to a minimum.

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